NeedsList is the world’s first online marketplace serving communities displaced by climate change and conflict and disrupting the humanitarian aid space.

With NeedsList, organizations working directly with people displaced by conflict can list their most urgent needs. Donors respond by meeting needs in real-time. We see ourselves as humanitarian relief for the 21st century - tech enabled, locally powered, transparent, direct, and women-led.  Think of us as a "wedding registry for aid" bringing a startup/profit plus purpose approach to one of the most outdated sectors around.

How It Works

Step 1: Vetted organizations  working directly with communities in crisis post their most urgent supply, volunteer, and funding needs on NeedsList via our web-app or chatbot.

Step 2: Users search for and meet needs the way you want to help--by purchasing supplies, giving time or money.

Step 3: The system updates in real-time as needs are met. Supplies are delivered quickly from local suppliers whenever possible.

What's Important To Us

  • We support collaboration and movement building among grassroots teams. As natural connectors, we are facilitating relationships not just between donors and NGOs but among NGOs, with suppliers, and other stakeholders.

  • We are committed to supporting the local economy through direct purchasing from in-country suppliers.

  • We provide organizations on the ground with online tools make their work easier and metrics to demonstrate their impact.

Our Origin Story

In October 2015, the European refugee crisis became impossible for the world to ignore. Thousands of adults and children fled their home countries to escape conflict, starvation and death, desperately seeking safety and hope for the future.

Underfunded and overstretched humanitarian organizations and ill-prepared governments could not cope effectively with the burgeoning crisis. Reports of the results of this gap spurred concerned citizens from around the globe to spring into action. 

NeedsList’s founder, Natasha Freidus, was working directly with Syrian refugees in France, providing food, transportation and essential supplies to families. As she tried to coordinate goods with needs, she realized there were no good tools to manage supplies and donations.  

At the same time, cofounder Amanda Levinson was in the United States trying to  support local efforts on the ground. She found supply drives to be time-consuming and expensive but there were few practical ways to purchase goods directly from suppliers. So, Tasha and Amanda partnered together to develop a better solution.

Our Social Impact

NeedsList facilitates relationships between donors and charities/non-governmental organizations (NGOs), between NGOs and suppliers, and among NGOs and other grassroots teams. We support local economies by encouraging direct purchasing from in-country suppliers. And we provide groups on the ground with online tools to make their work easier and metrics to demonstrate their impact.

Want To Learn More? 

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