• Help Meet Needs From Anywhere

    When humanitarian disasters like the Syrian refugee crisis occur, you know you want to help, you just might not know how. NeedsList helps you find effective ways to meet refugee needs from anywhere in the world.


    How it Works


    Step 1

    Vetted groups working directly with refugees in Europe and the U.S. post their most urgent supply, volunteer, and funding needs on our platform.

    Step 2

    You search for and meet needs the way you most want to help--by donating supplies, time, or money.

    Step 3

    The system updates in real time as needs are met.

  • What Needs Can You Meet?

    Browse lists of real needs in real time.

    Supply Needs

    Baby formula to tents, shoes to shampoo

    On NeedsList, you buy directly from local suppliers, so supplies are delivered quickly, efficiently & transparently.

    Volunteer Needs

    Have an hour? A week? A month?

    Find opportunities to volunteer in a warehouse, a camp, a community, or from your computer in your home.

    Financial Needs

    Your money goes where it's needed most

    NeedsList partners with the most efficient and effective refugee aid groups, so you know your donation will go far.

    Can't wait for our launch? Start meeting needs right away on our prototype!

  • Needs Met

    Users of the NeedsList prototype have already met thousands of refugee needs in Europe and the U.S.


    Needs met




    Volunteer hours

  • Testimonials

    "We know that the current system of refugee aid is broken. It's time to think differently about humanitarian aid and shift radically away from charity toward true partnership and collaboration. We're thrilled to partner with a platform like NeedsList, that will allow funds, knowledge, and energy to be directed to the most innovative and effective efforts on the ground."

    -Kilian Kleinschmidt, Founder, IPA/Switxboard.

    Former UNHCR Camp Manager for Za'atari Refugee Camp


    "We have received so many donations from our Amazon Wishlist from your followers ​this holiday season. The donations of tents, sleeping bags, hand warmers and coats were much appreciated here in Paris, as the temperatures continue to stay below freezing. Thank you for creating this amazing platform."

    - Diana Holman, Compassion Without Borders


    "Transparent, straight to the point and easy to use - those are the advantages of NeedsList. This is a much needed platform that provides us with uninterrupted flow of information. Anyone can use it, from large NGOs to motivated individuals, from those in need, to ones who can provide.

    It is genius, simple to apply in any situation, in any crisis.”

    -Danika Jurisic, Volunteer aid worker

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    Founder and CEO


    Co-founder and U.S. Director

    United States

  • Our Partners

  • Advisory Board

    Sara Bergamaschi, UNHCR, Turkey


    Haikel Drive, Deputy Mayor for Digital Affairs, France


    Danika Jurisic, Independent refugee aid worker France/Croatia


    Killian Kleinschmidt, Founder, Switxboard; Former Manager at Camp Za'atari, UNHCR, Vienna


    Alex Loupahtine, Viator/TripAdvisor, San Francisco


    Kayra Martinez, Love Without Borders-For Refugees in Need, Greece


    Dermot Murphy, Halloran Philanthropies, Philadelphia


    Kiersten Regelin, Strategic Partnerships, San Francisco


    Pierre Sauvignon, Pollenizer, Sydney

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